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Literacia, Mulheres e Liderança   —  

Workshop Women and Leadership

Date: July 29, 2005
Location: Pasman, Croatia

Deepening Spirituality as a source of Strength and Renewal
(The LIEN Series on Professional Life and Societal Change, European Regional Congress)

Map of the Session

1.  Leadership in our native language – immediate impressions
2.  To explore in small groups:

a)  Our position as a woman in today’s world

– How do you view your position on society today?

b)  Generations

– What do we learn/earn/receive from our grandmothers and mothers?
– Appreciation of the inheritage (positive and negative aspects)

3.  To discuss in the large group:

c)  Feminism today

– Comment on a quote from an article regarding the 4th wave of feminism

d)  Leadership of women in the world of today – Caring?

– Introduction of a text on leadership from Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo as a challenge (New Energy needed: Women’s Leadership)
– Focus Group: What is leadership? What is your leadership? How do we develop leadership?

4.  Written personal reflection:

– What is leadership?
– Word poem WOMEN

Organisation and Coordination:

Foundation Caring for the Future (Portugal) Liliana Lopes; Extravaleren (Netherlands) Ine van Emmerik